Download Softwere Advanced SystemCare Pro 8.1 Free Full Version

      never felt the performance of your computer is becoming increasingly slow? Or the capacity of computer hard-disk is getting full? This is reasonable, because of junk files or junk files that accumulate in our hard drive. So, to overcome this problem, you can use Utilities software, such as Advanced SystemCare. Advanced SystemCare Pro 8.1 Full Version is a software that can improve your computer's performance. The features in this software include Junk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Internet Booster, Registry Defrag, and much more. In addition, Advanced SystemCare Pro 8.1 is also equipped with an antivirus can keep your computer from virus attacks.


Download :

How to Install :
  1.  Download Advanced System Care 8.1 Full Path through the above link
  2.  Extract the file you have downloaded earlier with WinRAR 
  3.  Disconnect your PC from the internet connection
  4.  Open the Patch folder, then run Patch.bat be Run as Administrator 
  5. Run the installer Advanced SystemCare Pro 8.1 and install as usual 
  6.  Run Advanced SystemCare Pro 8.1, and then click Activate Now> Enter 
 Enter one of the following series :

 - DAEBC-0CAAE-B8116-DA4F7
 - BC80F-C1E75-3C31D-5E6F7
 - AF7B9-C8D0D-1D515-7F0F7
 - C5648-7B4A1-3C719-5E2F7
 - CFBC8-DE454-A7A1C-C5FF7
 - 4EC18-ED3CE-38C16-5A9F7
  - 6A20B-5AA95-13F1D-71AF7
 - F8857-DE9AD-D8125-BA4F7
 - FB616-B4CAF-2D327-4F6F7
- 66 691-A7FD2-4162A-233F7
 - AEC34-C3158-9D720-FF2F7
Click the Register Now
 Open the following folder:
 - If you are 32-bit Windows: C: \ Program Files \ IObit \ Advanced SystemCare 7
 - If you are a 64-bit Windows: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ IObit \ Advanced
SystemCare 7
Search files AutoUpdate.exe and Register.exe, then delete both files
 Run Advanced SystemCare Pro 8.1, then select the Settings menu
 Click Automatic Service> Auto Update> Specific proxy server, then enter:
 - Host:
 - Port: 80
Click OK It'S Done!

 Hope It Is Useful.

AMD will soon Compete with Intel, Samsung Company Interested Want to Acquire AMD

Okay my friends this time kana share NFI about samsung will menaguisisi will compete with AMD and Intel. A big news today a warm conversation in cyberspace. The news is the news about Samsung's interest to acquire the chip manufacturer AMD. Samsung against AMD's interest reportedly because South Korean companies that want to have a patent portfolio of AMD.

 And other news also that, Samsung itself now has its own processor chip products. even some computer products from Samsung comes with AMD processors, although the portion is still very small when compared with the use of an Intel chip. By having AMD, the Samsung was able to more easily develop and improve his processor chip technology. Plus, the Samsung can also take advantage of AMD's Radeon brand that will give more value to the products of Samsung itself.

What's Hot on acquisition of Samsung against AMD is also reinforced by a statement from Samsung officials in 2007, was almost 7 years passed. At that time, one of the officials of the Samsung revealed that the acquisition of the AMD became quite important, especially to secure the development of new business segments.

Of the AMD side, this acquisition process can also have a positive impact for AMD. What's the name of the current AMD has faded, very much when compared with its condition at a few years ago. Moreover, the financial condition of AMD in recent years also continued to decline. Even today AMD is considered to have a value of 2 billion USD States.

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Download IDM 6.23 Build 9 Full Version Free

Well this time I will share about softwere download the form IDM. Internet Download Manager 6:23 Build 9 Full Version or commonly known as IDM is the most sought after software downloader many people today, because of its ability to speed up internet connection when downloading. In addition we can speed up the download process, IDM also many excellent features that have a variety of other very popular course can facilitate you when downloaded, such as pause-resume downloads, queue downloads, download it again and again and more. In this latest version, IDM has to fix some issues on the Google Chrome extension with Kaspersky Internet Security.


  Download :

How to Install :

  1.  Download IDM 6:23 Build 9 and patch through the above link
  2.  Extract the file you have downloaded earlier with WinRAR 
  3.  Turn off your antivirus, because usually antivirus regard Patch file as a virus 
  4.  Open the folder [Media] 6:23 IDM Build 9, and run the installer and install as usual IDM 
  5. Check in tray icon and when there IDM icon> right click> Exit 
  6.  Open the folder [Media] Patch IDM 6:23, then copy all the files in the folder 
  7. Paste in the IDM installation folder (ex: C: \ Program Files \ Internet Download Manager \) 
  8. Patch.exe right click> Run as Administrator>Click Patch> Write the name of your front and rear> OK 
  9.  If it is, close Patch then run Registration.reg> Yes> OK
  10.  It'S Done!
Thanks very much.

Place Contest Desaign, Society Desaigner And Sell Buy Desaign Trusted

       Most designers may already be familiar with the site That is a site that connects people who need a design with the designer community.

 The workings of this site, a client ordered a design needs (eg company logo). clients through contests between designers, which explains Client Brief design or design information needed to order. This contest will be followed some time by many participants and will generate a lot of design as well. Furthermore Client which will determine the winner of the entire design collected. After winning the contest, Designer chosen design will get some money in accordance with the package which was taken by the Client.

How to become a designer in 

 To become a Designer in first step is to register on the form provided. After that verify by checking the e-mail address used when filling out the registration form. However, to participate in a contest that was held, as of July 8, 2013 issued a policy for a new designer. Where they are in test download Redesign Logo Design Brief with predetermined.

Now for more details please visit its Web Here

Monthly Bill Payment will be from Gmail Guide

Google is reportedly preparing a new service that is likely to be named the Pony Express. This new service allows Gmail users to pay monthly bills directly through the message inbox in gmail account.

According to a report from Re / code, the monthly bill payment service is likely to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. The payment service will connect an email account with a bank account or debit card. By doing so, we can easily run private pay monthly bills directly.

 In addition, the Pony Express service also allows Gmail users to share the bill to the other Gmail users. This is useful for monthly payments are carried out in groups or individually. And most likely, news Pony Express features will not directly be used by Gmail users around the world.

 Interestingly, now Google actually does have its own payment service, in the form of Google Wallet. However, the payment service is not linked to a bank account as it exists in the Pony Express. So, there is a possibility that the Pony Express is the result of the development of Google Wallet itself.

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